Andre & Wendy

Eagleheart & Golden Cougar Woman

Wendy and Andre are the principles of Horse Spirit Connections, a not for profit corporation, established in 2005. The Horse Medicine Lodge is a vital element of Horse Spirit Connections.

While exploring North and Central American native cultures, André and Wendy found their spiritual path to be Shamanism, which encourages the healing of self and others. They have been studying Shamanism since 2000. Both attained the position of Pipe Carrier and Fire Chief while on the Sweet Medicine Sun Dance path, part of the Deer Tribe Métis Medicine Society headquartered in Arizona.

Both attained the status of Shamanic Coach having graduated from the Institute of Shamanic Medicine, helping individuals discover their inner wisdom. In 2011, Wendy and André became certified Shamanic Practitioners and are qualified Dance Chiefs for personal and group ceremonies through the Rainbow Bridge Ceremonial Society.

Wendy and André manifest their vision and create a sacred space where people, animals (especially horses), and all the elemental worlds continue to dream together creating spiritual healing and harmony for Mother Earth and all of its inhabitants.

Wendy and André have transformed Horse Spirit Connections into a sanctuary where they hold a sacred space of possibility for others to explore and grow, sharing knowledge, and leading by example. Since 2006 both Wendy and André have served their community by leading transformative workshops where the horse is recognized as a teacher and healer.

Wendy combined the healing modality of her Shamanic practice with her passion for horses and opened a new world of powerful teachings where the horse is recognized as a teacher and healer.

The cornerstone of these teachings is embodied in Horse Spirit Connections’ signature training programs for Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL).

André leads men’s groups in exploring and defining the ‘masculine’ in today’s new world, incorporating native ceremonies with horse wisdom and interaction.

Through the Horse Medicine Lodge program, they offer community, sisterhood and brotherhood gatherings and ceremonies since 2007.

Horse Spirit Connections

Horse Spirit Connections is a teaching centre, horse sanctuary, a retreat and a not-for-profit corporation located north of Toronto, Ontario. In addition to Shamanic teachings we offer Personal Discovery workshops through the wisdom of the horse, FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) Certification training, Facilitated Equine Psychotherapy, and our HorsePower program inspiring leaders through the way of the horse.

The Wisdom Circle Path weekend teachings are held at Horse Spirit Connections - a safe, sacred space where you can seek your truth. This sanctuary is on twelve beautiful and serene acres – the home of eleven master horse teachers.

The Lodge has a spacious meeting room, bedroom, kitchen and washroom facilities. Sleep cabins are available so that you can maximize your experience by immersing yourself on-site and connecting to the horses in their environment.