For individuals seeking truth in the mystery of life

• Wisdom involves an integration of knowledge, experience and profound understanding that deepens one’s awareness and confers a sense of balance
• Circle represents the Medicine Wheel or ‘Sacred Hoop’, an ancient and powerful symbol of the never-ending cycle of life.
• Path as a way of life.

With wisdom we make more of our choices based on the true knowing of our Self and build lives of greater integrity. Learn to consciously create your world.

The Wisdom Circle Path offers you an opportunity to expand personal potential through the ancient teachings, ceremonies and healing practices passed down from the wisdom of the indigenous peoples of North and Central America together with the powerful medicine of horses.

This is a two-year program of profound teachings open to any traveler of spirit. The program is spread over 16 days per year, including four 2-1/2 day weekends and one 6-day vision quest intensive in nature’s wilderness.

From natural earth-based teachings and ceremonies, you are invited to integrate the knowledge that most deeply resonates for you.

Year One:
Explore the mystery of who you are

In the first year we focus on personal healing through an exploration of the laws of energy and alchemy. With new insights you will discover the luminous world of energy and spirit that surrounds us.

• Reclaim the wisdom you were born with to transcend and transform your current life
• Learn to shed attachment to your personal past
• Access inner peace through emotional healing
• Unlock your creativity
• Experience the joy of living from your heart
• Explore your unique gifts and expand your natural intuition
• Discover your power animal and totem animals
• Align with the intelligence of Nature
• Experience Medicine Wheel Teachings
• Feel the powerful healing from horses

Year Two:
Embrace the mystery of life

Through a deepening level of energy awareness, we invite you to venture outside time and space to connect at the place of the sacred. Find the healing place of peace and understanding in connection with something greater than yourself

• Learn how to access the deep well of mystical teachings
• Engage with the consciousness of the Universe
• See past the current reality to unmanifested potential
• Hold your life at the level of the mythic – the soul
• Become the visionary
• Live your personal Mastery
• Directly connect with the energy of life to manifest power and beauty in the world

Circle of Seekers

Following two years of transformational experiences in the Wisdom Circle Path, you will be invited to join your fellow spiritual adventurers in the Circle of Seekers where we, as a collaborative group, decide how we want to take our journey forward.

Schedule and Investment for Year One - 2017

Weekend Schedule and Dates
February 10 – 12, 2017
May 20 – 22, 2017
November 3 – 5, 2017

Each day starts at 9:30am and the session concludes Sunday 5pm. Beverages and snacks are included. Cooking facilities are available for you to cook your own meals.

Vision Quest Ceremonial Week
August 19 – 25, 2017

Overnight accommodations are available on-site at additional cost.

Cost for Year One: $ 2200
Includes 9 days of teachings and guided ceremonies at Horse Spirit Connections and 7 days of guided ceremonies in nature’s wilderness.

HST is applicable.
A deposit of $200 holds your space. Installment plans are available upon request. We offer an easy to pay alternative over nine months.