Awakened horses access a higher state of consciousness aligning with the species wisdom of all horses – past and present.  They can take you on an evolutionary journey of connected higher consciousness guiding your path of engagement with the unknown.

In legends told throughout the Far East, central Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, horses were considered mediums between the Spirit and Material Worlds.  Certain Celtic tribes used a white mare as an oracle.  Arabic tales exalt the horse’s sixth sense.  Horses were also perceived as carrying riders between the seen and unseen realms or leading people to some form of lost knowledge.  Modern Yakut Shamans wouldn’t dream of visiting the Otherworld without the aid of their horses.  

The magnificent horse provides a powerful pathway to reconnect with the natural world.  Horses live in harmony with nature and they want to teach us the Ways of Harmony because they have a profound bond with humans.

At Horse Medicine Lodge, we align the conscious engagement of our masterful horse teachers to help you achieve balance in this tonal reality but more importantly to travel into the spirit world to help you on your journey.  The horses ride between the worlds and become a willing mentor on your path to wholeness. 

A majority of our horses have developed their aptitude as mentors and guides with a steady stream of program participants since 2005. They connect with people at liberty in specially designed exercises on the ground or participate in magical healing ceremonies. No horse experience is required, just a willingness to connect with these magnificent animals.