Guided Retreats or Personal Intensives

Take a deep breath and feel your body relax! When you immerse yourself in our horse sanctuary you will feed your soul in the serenity created by nature.
Your mind can rest as you open to the wisdom of your heart and soul. You will leave with an inner spark of inspiration having found personal clarity and rejuvenation.

Shift your consciousness by raising your vibration and aligning with the Universal Source through connection with the sacred space created for all possibilities.  All the worlds – inner and outer are interrelated and each reflects the other. As you shift your perceptions your outside world will shift in response.  This is the magic of bringing yourself back into tune with the movements and impulse of the bigger world, which then responds in an expansive and supportive way.

Your customized program can include mentoring, time with our horse healers, expressive arts, trauma release, meditation in our sacred Kiva – an underground temple, Shamanic teachings and ceremonies including drumming journeys, crystal healings, and journey rides.

Give yourself the gift of time to explore and celebrate the uniqueness of who you are.

To book your space - Phone Wendy at 905 936 4450 or