Shamanism & The World Of Spirit

Shamanism is the oldest living path of spirituality and healing. A Shaman is someone with special knowledge of healing and a greater awareness of the ways of energy. In these days of global concepts, Shaman has become a word that refers to a person from any culture who bridges the visible and invisible worlds as well as the human and animal realms bringing back power and knowledge for healing and change.

Everything is alive with energy. By gaining a much deeper connection with the world, you develop a richer, multi-faceted relationship to the wellspring of power within.

Shamanism may be thought of as a system of knowledge and a process of seeing with the heart for the purpose of accessing spiritual guidance leading to balanced and fulfilled lives. Balance happens, when what you believe in your heart is the same as what you say with your mouth.

Learn to both transcend and ground the emotions, energies, and insights flowing through you. Find the healing place of peace and understanding in the connection with something greater than yourself.

As the Wisdom Circle Path program facilitators, Wendy and Andre are certified Shamanic Practitioners qualified and experienced to guide and facilitate your process through these inter-dimensional realms.